One Three Eight

One of my favourite things to do will forever be sitting in a cafe with a decent flat white, reading a book or scribbling away.

At the start of the year, two of my friends and I came up with some personal goals each to do. Mine were mostly around writing, and how I want to do more of it this year. I need to take this more seriously if I want to get better!

I always thought that creative outputs had to be the product of some frenzied state- organic in the way they come about and without focused effort. I imagined that art bursts and forces its way out of people when it wants to, and that anything less than this was contrived and not truly art. Now I know and understand art forms to be a refined skill. True, some people are born with a natural affinity towards certain art forms but to be great at these, they need to hone their abilities.

Maybe this year I’ll set aside more time for sitting in cafes and writing something, anything, to get these creative juices flowing.


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