One Two Six

I’m leaving tomorrow for 3 whole weeks. Going to miss my girls, and O. It’ll be fun being on holiday and hopefully a bit relaxing as well. Looking forward to not having to work for the next wee while. But yeah, I will really miss the people here.


One Two Four

Things that I need to get done tomorrow:

  • Talk to A about his data analytics work
  • Talk to B about journals and month end stuff
  • Talk to N about unit breakdown reports
  • Put together the budget workbooks so that B can just populate and upload
  • Find flare pants
  • Set up out of office (YAY)
  • Have dinner with K
  • Get dressed for party at O’s

Things I need to get done on Saturday:

  • Shower
  • Do washing – bed sheets and whites and remaining other clothes
  • Fold current dried washing
  • Run (if time permits)
  • PACK

I am a wee bit stressed about handing over work stuff tomorrow. But not to worry, if it isn’t done tomorrow then they will just have to manage. The business won’t collapse without me!

One Two Two

I’m scared of the silent spaces in conversations. I think that they mean a lack of chemistry, that the other person is bored of me, or that I’m bored of them. But I know that’s not true. There are silences in conversations with all sorts of friends – old and new – and they don’t mean that we don’t have chemistry, just that we’re maybe a little tired that day, or we don’t have much to say. AndĀ that is fine. It’s fine, and it’s normal to have times in conversations where no one says anything. It would be exhausting to have relationships where you talkedĀ allĀ the time. Silences are like wee resting points.

One Two Zero

Last night I stayed over at O’s place. Fuck, it is nice to be in the same bed as someone again, to be cuddled and held. His beard gave me a bit of a pash rash and I had to make up an allergy excuse for why my mouth area was so red to my family today. I really like him, and I’m going to miss him a lot when I go overseas next weekend!