One Five Five

I was still a little annoyed when I saw O today and less chatty than usual because all I kept thinking about/ obsessing over was whether or not I should bring it up with him. Eventually I did – I said that I was annoyed with him yesterday, and he asked why. I said that because he was hard to make plans with and he said yeah, that is true and apologised. Then I asked if he was actually just bad at making plans or if it’s that he doesn’t want to see me. He said that he was just bad at planning.

So that’s good I guess! He’s just bad at organising. Glad it’s not because he doesn’t like me 🙂

He text me after I left suggesting days we could hang out this week and said that he wants to try being more organised. Now I feel bad that I’ve made him feel bad.

Ugh, so much emotional labour! I hate that I can never just experience my own feelings, and I have to take on the way I make other people feel as well.