Two Eight Two

Heard back today about my role review – they’re going to increase my pay 🙂 It’s not as much as I think I would get in the market but at the same time, I think it shows an acknowledgement of my work so far and while I’m still part time, I’m happy with it. Feels like this just goes to show that it pays (literally) to ask for what you deserve. How many people go through months and years in their jobs without a fair wage? Maybe some organisations pay fairly. Maybe some people have other parts of their job which compensate them in other ways. Maybe some people are just content with their remuneration and maybe that’s okay… but maybe it’s not. Maybe a lot of them are women who are used to subpar treatment, used to staying quiet and keeping the peace.

I’m really glad I said something. This was my first conversation of this type and it was a valuable one.

Two Four Nine

Managers should have conversations with their staff instead of just letting them find information out through other sources.

Today I found out that the remuneration review has been put into place despite no conversations have been had with any of the staff. When I was in a bigger office, these conversations were still had with the option for more dialogue. It’s common business practice. This is a much smaller office and right now I feel disregarded by the way they’ve just applied this generic change without consulting the staff.