One Four Five

Last night we arrived at our booked accommodation to find that they had given our room to someone else and cancelled our reservation.

This has never happened to me before and I’m no stranger to travelling. We protested and they put us in a dingy old box with no window and a leaky roof. It was absolutely disgusting.

They promised that it would only be for one night and that the next day they would put us in a ‘very very nice room’ at midday. Given that the room they gave us that night was described the same way, we didn’t have our hopes up. The next day comes around and we meet them at midday but turns out that they can’t show us the room because the previous guest took the key and they only have one so can’t access the room. I was livid. They had fucked us around so much and this pushed me over the edge. We argued with them and then eventually decided that this shithole wasn’t worth the trouble and left to find alternate accommodation.

Mum linked me a place that she had stayed in in the past which was literally next door but when we went to book, they had just given out the last room. This was a wee bit stressful but we remembered a hostel that we had come across last night when we were searching for other options. Luckily there were 2 dorm beds left so we booked there and went straight away.

The hostel is Mojo Nomad Central and oh my goodness it is a god send! Such clean facilities, comfortable and tidy. A really welcome change. More pricey but 100% worth it. Hong Kong is bloody expensive and you just have to bite the bullet sometimes for a clean and comfortable sleep.

The name of the shitty rundown place is Strawberry Guest House, and the company that runs it is the Toronto Motel Group. Don’t book with any of their guest houses or hostels. They are the shittiest places I have ever seen and the worst customer experience I have ever come across.


One Four One

Have started looking at ideas for Hong Kong and getting super excited at all the activities! The thing with travel is that there never seems to be enough time to do everything that you want 😦 I’m always having to choose between alternatives and putting things on the list to do next time. What a first world problem haha, how to choose, how to choose.

One Three Two

Today my sister and I fought with our parents in public. It was heated and loud and probably necessary. Our parents have such a different travel style to us- they like things planned to the minutest of details and we’re more flexible and don’t care as much when things don’t go to plan. The tension had been building all day and it finally broke, right in front of the Merlion haha. The other tourists there trying to innocently take some nice photos got a bit of a show.

I wonder if it’s a generational thing or if it’s just specific to our parents- are older people in general just more inflexible? Or is it that our parents have deep anxiety and need to control everything?

One Three One

My mum gets becomes really controlling when we travel. I think it’s out of fear, in a new place that she doesn’t know. I don’t remember it being this bad when I was young though? But maybe that’s because I was little and didn’t know what was going on. Or maybe this type of anxiety gets worse with age.

One Two Eight

It’s always a hard tension to ride when you arrive in a new place- sleep off the tiredness and hit the new sights fresh? Or hit the new sights with all the tiredness and hope the excitement of it all overrides the tiredness? I’m currently opting for the first. Operating on a few hours of sleep is nay good for me.