Ninety Seven

I rediscovered my Goodreads account today. It was dismal.

I was last active on it in 2013 which was also probably the time that I set up an account and decided to (ambitiously) add all the books I had ever read. I must have realised part way through that that is a shit tonne of books to add, and couldn’t be fucked doing anymore beyond age 6. Imagine if a child had a Goodreads account and the books that would be on those shelves – Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson, etc, etc – this is what my account looked like.

So, I came home tonight after work and did an overhaul and added all the books I had read this year so as to make it seem more like I was the adult that I am. Then I connected my account to Facebook so I could add friends to my account but unbeknownst to me, that meant adding every man and his dog so now I’m connected with people I’m friends with on Facebook who I have nay spoken to in years… HELLO MARC FROM HIGH SCHOOL WHO I HAVEN’T SEEN IN 10 YEARS, WHATCHU READING THESE DAYS.

The internet is hard.