Three Four One

Washing hair is such a chore!


Three Four Zero

There really is nothing like a friend you’ve known for a long time. What can beat history? It’s the falling into the same rhythms, the collective remembering of old times, the matured knowledge of one another. They see the present you, know the old you and understand both. The past informs the present, provides a context that only those who were there then, can use now. It’s the weaving of the timelines in a way that makes it feel like all the tenses exist in the present. It’s incredible.

Three Three Nine

Today is J’s birthday and I’ve been trying hard to not think about him but here I am, writing about him again. I’m curious about what his life is like now, but not so curious that I’ll look him up. I know how many wounds that’ll open. It’s better to live in ignorance.

I’m hopeful that there will be a day when my mind isn’t plagued by thoughts about him. And I know there will be, it’s just not today.

Three Three Five

Last year two of my best friends organised a surprise birthday scavenger hunt for me and one of the gifts they got me was a mini bottle and twenty seven little bits of paper to write something I was thankful for in my twenty seventh year of life. I’m two weeks away from turning twenty eight and I still have so many more pieces to fill out! Okay I can do this. Before I turn twenty eight, I will have those pieces of paper all filled out.