Three Two One

Saw The Public tonight and now I’m thinking about all the homeless people who are sleeping on the streets tonight. I wish that… gah I don’t know what I wish for.

It makes me sad and exhausted at the same time, thinking about all these social problems which exist in the world. I want there to be an instantaneous solution to them all but I also know that the instant fix doesn’t exist.

It’s easy to want an answer, a simple idea that will feed people and home people and give sick people the help they need, but I think we (I) want that because then the ‘problem’ will go away. Having an answer just prevents us (me) from confronting the root of the issue which is.. us as human beings and how we relate to one another.


Three One Six

It’s been one of those soul satisfying weekends this weekend. Saw two brilliant films as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival – Animals and The Farewell (strong casts and beautiful cinematography) and also consumed delicious food and drinks.

I’m really thankful for K tonight. We had some incredibly searching and deep and honest conversations over dinner and drinks tonight – about living in our twenties with all the baggage we internalise and how to live well through it all. She’s one of those people who will not shy away from genuine relationships and who continuously seeks and gives herself honestly and openly in the pursuit of sincerity. It’s rare to find people like her, and I’m glad that I have.