Sixty Seven

Unique is a word that I’m becoming very familiar with. My pottery creations often come out wonky and far from perfect – unique. They are one of a kind because I’ve created them and no one else has the exact shape of my hands and certainly not the prints that run in faint lines across my palms and fingers. That’s quite special.

Thirty Two

I started pottery classes today. It was a lot of fun working with the wheel and being able to create something with my hands.

The only problem is – I went into a bit of a funk afterwards because there was someone that I wanted to share this with, and I couldn’t. I still want to share the new and exciting things in my life with him, and I can’t. He’s not that person for me anymore.

I think that’s why I’ve been missing him this week. On Monday, I did life drawing and today I did pottery. I’m doing this new stuff in my life, my life is changing from what he knew it to be, I’m changing from who he knew me to be, and it hurts a little, to leave us further in the past.