Three Zero Five

Relationships are really hard sometimes. Right now I’m feeling mad and rejected because I don’t feel like O has made much of an effort to see me this week. I feel like I keep coming back around to this same issue of not being affirmed in our relationship. I don’t know if this is a reflection of him and his energy levels or something, or if it’s a reflection of the way he feels about me. And it’s that unknowing that worries me.

I thought I saw a ghost today. Walking back to my car, I thought I saw J sitting at a table outside a cafe. I can’t be sure because I didn’t let my glance linger long but I felt a familiar visceral reaction through my body and it’s that reaction which makes me think that it’s more likely to have been him than not. Funny how your body remembers before your mind is cognisant. It knows without having to be told.

When I feel the way that I do right now about O and us, it’s hard not to compare to an earlier time, a past love. I know that I was more hurt than loved in everything that happened with J, but he was a good boyfriend while we were together. He was affirming and caring and attentive. It’s hard to have experienced a relationship where we spoke the same love language, to then go to one where I’m constantly having to translate and bridge the gaps between us. It’s not impossible, just more effort.


Two Two Seven

Earlier today, I was grumpy and irritable and sensitive. Within a short space of time, I found myself a lot happier and lighter. All that had happened in between was lunch.

I’m constantly amazed by how our physical body affects our mental states. Feeling grumpy and irritable and sensitive were actually just symptoms of hunger. My body needed food and nourishment and when it got that, I felt so much better. I always forget this! Need to listen to my body more.

Two Zero Four

Today was another day of not accomplishing much. I hate it. Have a real problem with non-productivity! I did clean my room though and that was super satisfying.

A few years ago I did a course on mental health and we talked about the five core needs that people have – belonging, significance, security, purpose, progress. Maybe room cleaning is so satisfying because it’s an easy progress tick. Needs met!