Two One Nine

I feel the generation/ cultural gap between my mum and me widen into a chasm whenever we talk about relationships. The way she dated when she was my age is so different from the way I date now and I think we’re both aware of that. I feel her self-consciousness when she tries to relate to me and my love life. What begins as an awkward navigation through questions about me and O, becomes underhanded insults towards me.

Why does he like you?

Maybe he’s just trying you out for the time being?

I know the undercurrent too well. When I was little, my mum would warn me of my friendships with people who weren’t Chinese – they don’t understand us, soon enough they’ll reject you, best to stick with people like us. Now that I’m older, I know that this is her projecting her fears onto me. She did this then and twenty years later, she’s still doing it now. I know that this is an expression of love (in a way), her trying to protect me. She’s worried that O will eventually reject me but all I get out of conversations like this is that I’ll never be enough.

The other day I saw this meme that said immigrant parents were tasked with survival but immigrant children get the privilege of seeking self actualisation. I really love my mum, she is the strongest woman I know and I will never know the extent of the sacrifices and resilience it took to forge a new life in a foreign land. Maybe the way to bridge the gap is to remind myself of this – that my parents are fearful because of their experiences and the fact that I’m carefree is a privilege that’s come from a sheltered upbringing, which my parents gave me.


Two One Five

Two things are on my mind tonight.

  1. G told me she saw J in town today, with a girl. When she told me, I felt a jolt run through me. It wasn’t pain, but it definitely stirred up some old uneasy emotions. I’m glad she told me though. Initially, I found myself wanting to know all the details – where they were, what they were doing, how they were with each other. But I didn’t ask G to elaborate because probably a part of me knew that none of this mattered anymore. And sure enough, the more I thought about it, the more I found myself becoming indifferent. I have fondness for the time we had together, and I’m realising now that it is possible to have good memories with someone who was bad for you. Knowing that he’s still around here though, makes me anxious about running into him. Just hearing about him through G, I felt myself react, I can only imagine how jarring it will be if I come face to face.
  2. O text me today to make plans for next week when he’s back 🙂 I think that means he heard and understood me yesterday and I’m so so appreciative of that. He listens and cares about my needs! He changes! It makes my heart so happy. He makes my heart so happy. I am extremely glad for him in my life. Extremely glad.

Two One Four

Today I had lunch with O and as I saw him walking towards me down the street, I knew that nothing was wrong at all. He was his same happy self and definitely not feeling any of the anxiety I was feeling.

We went rollerblading and while we were waiting for our rollerblades, I asked him if we were okay. He said ‘yeah, I think so?’ with a bit of surprise in his voice. I said that recently I’d been feeling like I was the only one wanting to hang out and again a little surprised, he said ‘really? I suggest things.. don’t I?’ I shook my head. Then our rollerblades came and that was the end of our conversation.

I get the feeling that he’s not the type to be forthcoming with words or feelings and probably feels a bit uncomfortable in conversations like that one, so I’m content with how this chat went. I communicated how I felt and he knows this now, so I guess the future will tell if he’s taken that on board?

Anyway, turns out my anxiety was for nothing and I’m glad for that 🙂

Two One Three

The anxiety with O continues.

I was hoping that he would initiate something today but he didn’t. I didn’t want to not initiate anything just to prove a point because I do want to see him, so in one of my replies I asked what his week was looking like and that I’d like to see him before he goes away.

From that, we had planned to hang out tomorrow night but as it turns out now, he’s made plans for tomorrow night so we’re doing lunch instead.

I’m so scared that this is him losing interest, that his lack of initiation indicates indifference. I want him to want to see me, and to make space for me in his life.

I know that I need to talk to him about this, because I can’t make myself feel better by obsessing and thinking about it. But how do I do that without coming across as nagging or needy?!

One of my best friends reminded me today, when I vented to her about this, that one of my love languages is words of affirmation and that’s why I’m struggling so much. I don’t feel loved by him because I’m not getting affirmation that he cares about me. My other big love language is quality time and I’m not getting any of that either. But what are his? Surely they have to be words of affirmation and quality time to a certain extent?

I’m scared to probe, because what if he confirms my fears? It’s happened before with one of my exes, it could happen again. I’m really scared.

One Eight Three

Found out tonight that some of my friends were upset I didn’t invite them to a movie fundraiser I was going to later this week, that I had invited another friend to. I hate this feeling that I’ve made someone upset, or hurt them somehow 😦 at the same time, I wish I didn’t have to invite everyone to everything.